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Acecap AC1210 Systemic Insecticide 3/8 Tree Implants Pack of 10

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Acecap AC1210 Systemic Insecticide 3/8 Tree Implants

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Pack of 10

  • ACECAP Systemic Tree Implants (98.9% acephate). Easy to use systemic insecticide implants for control of destructive pests of ornamental trees
  • Applied in spring, the treatment will provide season-long control of many insects, including Aphids, Bagworms, Borers, Budworms, California Oak worm, Cankerworm, Case bearer, Elm Leaf Beetle, Gypsy Moth etc.
  • The sap flow dissolves the chemical and carries it throughout the tree in 4 to 5 days. Ten implants will effectively treat up to a 14" trunk diameter
  • Systemic insecticide tree implants
  • Contains 99 percent acephate, a highly effective systemic insecticide for broad spectrum insect control
  • Acecaps are registered for use against aphids, bagworms, bronze birch borer, gypsy moth, tent caterpillar, wooly adelgid, and many more
  • Provides readers with practical, easy-to accomplish tips and tasks

Product Description

Pack of 10 implants. Contains acephate, an environmentally acceptable supplement to an insect control program where conventional applications are undesirable or impractical. 3/8-inch diameter. Recent USDA and university tests prove that Acecap implants prevent and control Emerald Ash Borer. 10/pkg. Do not use on fruit, nut, or syrup trees that will be consumed or sold. Use on ornamental trees. Insect pests controlled are Aphids, Bagworms, Bronze Birch Borer, Budworms, California Oakworm, Cankerworm, Casebearer, Citrus Blackfly, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Elm Leaf Beetle Larve, Fall Webworm, Gypsy Moth Larve, Honeylocust Mite, Lace Bug, Leaf Folder, Leaf Minor, Mapleworm, Mimosa Webworm, Nantucket Pine Tip Moth Larve, Pine Needleminer, Scale, Spruce Budworm, Spruce Coneworm, Thrips, Whitefly, Zimmerman Pine Moth. Do not use for trees less than 3 inches DBH (Diameter at Breast Height, about 4 feet from the ground).  For 4 inches spacing, use 3/8 inch diameter drill bit 1.25 inches deep from the cambium surface.