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Arena .25 Granular Insecticide Grub Control Turfgrass Controls White Grubs 30 Lb

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Arena .25 Insecticide - 30 lbs

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Arena 0.25 G is a broad spectrum systemic insecticide for insect control in turf grass, ornamentals, interior plantscapes, sod farms and non-bearing fruits and nuts.

Arena Granular Insecticide works both preventively and curatively for superb control of a broad spectrum of insects and white grubs with a single application. The control extends to tough soil and surface feeding insects including European and Northern masked chafer, Japanese Beetles, annual bluegrass weevil, crane fly larvae, and other white grubs, nuisance ants, billbugs and Southern chinch bugs.

Grub Control - Curative

Arena Insecticide, when applied in August or September prior to third instar, delivers superior white grub control(within 16 days). Apply 14-18 lbs per 5,000 square feet.

Southern Chinch Bug Control

The number one turf issue in Florida and Texas is the Southern chinch bug. In recent years, this insect has developed resistance to many pyrethroid insecticides, which are commonly used. Based on studies, Arena Insecticide, part of a neonicotinoid class of chemicals, has been recognized as an effective product for this pyrethroid-resistant Southern chinch bug. Arena is formulated to work well against chinch bugs due to its water solubility, organic matter binding potential, and optimum aerobic soil half-life. The combination of a low water solubility and moderate affinity to organic matter means that Arena stays at the turf/soil surface, but is still available for uptake into the turf. These characteristics are advantageous during times of high rainfall. It also has longer term control than other neonicotinoids due to a longer aerobic soil half-life.

The systemic power of Arena causes chinch bugs to cease feeding in 24 hours.

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