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Benefit 60 WP Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide (5 x 20g packets)

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Benefit 60 WP Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide (5 x 20g packets)

The Benefit 60 WP is an effective and a great insecticide that helps in controlling and eliminating insects in nurseries and greenhouses. With Imidacloprid as its active ingredient, the Benefit 60 WP effectively controls and kills aphids, grub larvae, mealy bugs and more. It's a wettable powder that can be used on ornamental and vegetable plants. For maximum effectiveness of the Benefit 60 WP, the product must be placed where the roots of the plant can fully absorb the active ingredient. Each bag contains five (5) individual 0.71 oz (20 gram) packets.

Target pests: Aphids, Grub Larvae, Mealy Bugs, Northern and Southern masked chafers, Asiatic garden beetle, Japanese Beetle,Oriental Beetle, European chafer, Green June Beetle, May or June Beetle,Billbugs, Mole Crickets and others

For use in: Commercial Indoors & Outdoors: Nurseries, Greenhouses & Interior Plantscapes; Grasses in Field Nurseries, Flowers, Evergreens, Shrubs & Trees and Vegetable Plants

BENEFIT 60 WP is for insect control on ornamental and vegetable plants in nurseries, greenhouses and interior plantscapes. BENEFIT 60 WP is a systemic insecticide and will be translocated upward within the plant. To assure optimum effectiveness, it must be placed where the roots of the plant can absorb the active ingredient.

Application To Grassy Areas In Nurseries:

Used for the control of the following soil inhabiting insects of grassy areas of nurseries:

  • Northern and Southern masked chafers
  • Asiatic garden beetle
  • European chafer
  • Green June Beetle
  • May or June Beetle
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Oriental Beetle
  • Billbugs
  • Annual Bluegrass Weevil
  • Black Turfgrass Ataenius
  • Mole Crickets
  • Benefit 60 WP can also be used for suppression of cutworms and hairy chinchbugs
  • Benefit 60 WP can be used as directed on nursery grass in sites such as under or around field or container grown plants, on roadways or other grassy areas in or around nurseries
  • Benefit 60 WP cannot be used on commercial sod farms

Note: Applications should not be made when grassy areas are water logged or the soil is saturated with water.


For foliar and systemic insect control in and around field-grown nursery and container stock, indoor and outdoor ornamentals (including both greenhouse and interior plantscapes) and ornamentals grown in flats, benches or beds.

Trees (including non-bearing fruit and nut), Shrubs, Evergreens, Flowers, Foliage plants, Ground covers, Interior plantscapes and Vegetable plants.

Insects Controlled

Adelgids, Aphids, Japanese beetles (adults), Lacebugs, Leafbeetles, (including Elm and viburnum leaf beetles), Leafhoppers (including glassy-winged sharpshooter), Leafminers, Mealybugs, Sawfly larvae, Thrips (suppression), Whiteflies