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Bonide Systemic Insect Control For Roses Flowers Ornamentals Shrubs Shade Trees (Pint - Case of 12)


Bonide Systemic Insect Control For Roses Flowers Ornamentals Shrubs Shade Trees  (16 Oz.) Case of 12

      Pint, Concentrate Systemic Insect Control                      

  • Contains Acephate 9.4%
  • Concentrate formula that is economical, and long-lasting
  • A great insect control for ornamental gardens, shrubs, and trees
  • Uses as little as 1 tablespoon per gallon
  • Bonide Systemic Insect Control - 16oz Concentrate - Makes: 8 - 16 gallons

    Systemic Insect Control

    Economical; long lasting insect control for ornamental gardens; shrubs and trees. Use as little as 1 tablespoon/gal

    Bonide Systemic Insect Control kills aphids; armyworms; grasshoppers; Japanese beetles; bagworms and over 100 listed insects. Bonide Systemic Control Insecticide is great for ornamental gardens; shrubs and trees.

    How to Apply

    Mixing 1oz -2oz per gallon spray entire plant covering both sides of foliage thoroughly.
    Apply when insects are present or injury from insect feeding is noticed. Certain insects are harder to kill such as: flower thrips; gladiolus thrips; mealybugs; scales; two-spotted spider mites; and white flies. For harder to kill insects; two to three spray applications are needed. Wait 7-10 days between applications. Repeat if re-infestation occurs.

    Aphids; armyworms; grasshoppers; Japanese beetles; bagworms; black vine weevil; budworms; cabbage looper; casebearers; catalpa sphinx moth; cherry laurel leaftier; Cuban laurel thrips; elm leafbeetle; fall cankerworm; fall webworm; flower thrips; gladiollus thrips; green striped mapleworm; gypsy moth; hornworm; lacebugs; leafhoppers; leafminers; obliquebanded leafrollers; omnivorous leaftier; maple shoot moth; mealybugs; mimosa webworm; Nantucket pine tip moth; oak webworm; oleander caterpillar; orange-striped oakworm; obscure root weevil adutls; pine tip moth; poplar tentmaker; psyllids; rose midge; sawfliers; scales crawlers; spittlebug; sunflower moth; tent caterpillar; two-spotted spider mites suppression; webworms; willow leafbeetle; white marked tussock moth; whiteflies; yellow necked caterpillar and other listed insects. Can be used for over 100 plants.

    Active Ingredient - Acephate 9.4%