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  • Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator - (Quart and 2.5 Gallon)

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    Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator

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    Product Overview

    Consistently beautiful plants for consistently satisfied customers

    Industry-leading plant growth regulator that keeps plants compact and beautiful

    Bonzi® plant growth regulator ensures plants stay compact and beautiful to keep them at their peak longer for increased profitability.

    Key Features

    • Keeps plants uniformly compact and strong by reducing internode stretch
    • Can be used on a wide variety of bedding plants, bulb crops, annual and perennial plants, herbaceous and woody ornamentals
    • Can be applied as a single spray, drench, or preplant bulb soak and provides an excellent margin of safety at all stages of development

    Key Benefits

    • Produces attractive and marketable plants, bringing out the full beauty of ornamentals by keeping them compact
    • Maintains the plant-to-pot size ratio for aesthetically pleasing plants with deeper green foliage
    • Transport is less stressful with less breakage and plants have an extended, enhanced shelf life, where they stay at their peak longer

    Product Description

     The leading ornamental plant growth regulator (PGR) in the industry, Bonzi® keeps plants uniformly compact, hardy, and looking their best. It results in one consistent crop after another, with well-proportioned plants achieving identically ideal form and color. And now Bonzi is a part of the already outstanding Syngenta product portfolio, complementing products such as Avid®, Subdue MAXX®, and  in helping to ensure the most robust plants. It's the same Bonzi PGR you have known for years, with the added benefit of being offered by Syngenta, an industry leader that is the original and current registrant and manufacturer of Bonzi.

    FREE SHIPPING UNITED STATES ONLY. (lower 48 only) Contact us for International Shipping rates.