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  • Brandt Indicate 5 Adjuvant, pH Indicator, Acidifier, Water Conditioning Agent

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    Brandt Indicate 5

    pH Indicator, Acidifier, Water Conditioning Agent & Spreader

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    DIRECTIONS FOR USE BRANDT INDICATE 5 is the only adjuvant that contains a built-in pH indicator, turning the spray water pink as soon as the optimum level of 4 .5-5 .5 is reached . It eliminates the need to test the water pH with equipment . This product counters the detrimental effects of both high pH and hard water on sensitive pesticides . Some chemicals sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis include: glyphosate, organophosphates, synthetic pyrethroids, carbamates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and triazines .

     BRANDT INDICATE 5 acts as a wetting and spreading agent resulting in an even film of spray over the leaf and better pesticide performance .

     COMPATIBILITY: BRANDT INDICATE 5 is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides . However, if the desired combination has not been previously used, a compatibility test is recommended .

    MIXING: Fill tank 2/3 full of water and begin agitation . Add the recommended amount of BRANDT INDICATE 5 or until solution turns pink for a pH between 4 .5 – 5 .5 . Fill tank with balance of fertilizer or water . Add other chemicals . Continue agitation until spray solution is completely mixed . If the tank mix solution turns clear upon the addition of the remaining chemicals and water, add additional product until tank mix solution turns pink again .

    Note: This product has demonstrated excellent plant safety; however not all species of plants have been tested .Before treating a large area, test on a small area and observe results prior to full scale applications . Do not use on aquatic sites .

    RECOMMENDATIONS: The correct volume of BRANDT INDICATE 5 to be added to the spray water is indicated by the color: pink at pH between 4 .5 to 5 .5 . Soft Water: A rapid color change occurs from milky white to pink . Hard Water: Color changes slowly from milky white to yellow to orange to pink .


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