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Capsil Spray Adjuvant by Aquatrols (1 gallon)

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Capsil Spray Adjuvant by Aquatrols (1 gallon)

Aquatrols Capsil Spray Adjuvant is a 100% combination of organo-silicone and non-ionic surfactant that guarantees uniform spreading, penetration, and coverage of foliar directed sprays over the entire leaf surface, including those difficult to wet surfaces. This spray adjuvant allows you to provide full coverage with every application to achieve desired results and avoid unnecessary repetition of treatments.

Active Ingredient: Blend of polyether-polymethylsiloxane-copolymer and nonionic surfactant - 100%

Application: Apply 6-16 ounces per 100 gallons of spray solution 
When applying herbicides on difficult to kill weeds, rates at the higher end of this range should be used