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  • DuPont Verimark Insect Control (80 ounce)

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    Verimark® insect control, powered by Cyazypyr® active, used early in the growing season, protects crops from feeding and provides suppression of key pest-vectored diseases, resulting in improved crop establishment and providing opportunities for increased yields. Verimark insect control helps produce stronger crops for better results at harvest. By protecting tender vegetable plants and young trees from many damaging and costly sucking and chewing pests, Verimark insect control helps improve crop vigor. Verimark insect control can be soil applied in many ways: in the greenhouse, as a tray drench on transplants, to the root zone at planting or transplant, or with drip chemigation soon after planting or transplant. As an early-season, soil-applied insect control product, it is the first in its class to control a cross spectrum of sucking and chewing pests through systemic activity. Key pests controlled include whiteflies, psyllids, aphids, leafminers, loopers, thrips, beetles and Lepidopteran species. Verimark insect control helps crop establishment, protecting against insects and transmission of some insect-vectored diseases.

    Quick Facts

    • Protects tender vegetable plants and young trees from many damaging and costly sucking and chewing pests.
    • Controls a cross spectrum of pests and suppresses insect-vectored diseases through systemic activity. 
    • Non-disruptive i.e., does not cause secondary pest flares such as mites.
    • Applied at planting via in-furrow spray, shank injection, banded spray, tray drench in the greenhouse three days prior to planting in the field, transplant water, soil drench, potato seed piece treatment and via drip chemigation after planting.