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Hachi Hachi SC Insecticide (0.5 gallon)

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Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide (0.5 gallon)


Hachi-Hachi SC is the newest release from SePRO’s growing line of non-neonicotinoid insecticides.  The new and improved formulation provides the same spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control with better crop safety.  SePRO has worked diligently to bring the improved formulation of this highly effective chemistry to the ornamental market. In cooperation with IR-4, Hachi-Hachi SC has been extensively tested for both efficacy and crop safety across many species and environments.  The results continue to demonstrate Hachi-Hachi SC to be a phenomenal tool for growers.

Features of Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide

  • Superior thrips and aphid control with no known resistance
  • Improved formulation that is easy-to-use and has better crop safety
  • Active on eggs, nymphs and adults
  • Contact activity that stops the damage caused by feeding
  • Excellent efficacy on scale, leafhoppers and early instar lepidopteran insects

As a foundation chemistry for superior thrips control, Hachi-Hachi SC fills an immediate gap in the available chemistries for an affordable, viable thrips control options with no known resistance issues.

Controlling Thrips, Aphids and More
Hachi-Hachi SC is labeled to control:

  • thrips (including western flower thrips)
  • aphids
  • scale
  • leafhoppers
  • lepidopteran insects (early instar)
Hachi-Hachi SC gives added suppression of:
  • whiteflies
  • powdery mildew

Eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of most targeted insects are controlled after coming in contact with or ingesting Hachi-Hachi SC.  Target pests treated with Hachi-Hachi SC stop feeding immediately, preventing further crop damage.  Additionally, Hachi-Hachi SC has shown ovicidal activity, suppression of ovipositioning, and antifeeding activity on targeted insect pests.

About Hachi-Hachi SC

Active Ingredient:

Hachi-Hachi SC contains the active ingredient, tolfenpyrad, which is classified by IRAC in Group 21A mitrochondrial electron transport inhibitors.  Hachi-Hachi SC inhibits the electron transfer system of energy metabolism in the mitochondria of susceptible insects.  Tolfenpyrad is relatively new chemistry to the US ornamental market, but it is used extensively in many other countries.


 Hachi-Hachi SC
is a much improved formulation compared to the discontinued petroleum-based emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation.  Hachi-Hachi SC is a suspension concentrate (SC) containing 1.31 lbs of tolfenpyrad per gallon.  The SC formulation is easy to handle, mix and apply.  Hachi-Hachi SC can be mixed with other registered pesticides.  For specific directions on tank mixing with different formulation types, refer to the Hachi-Hachi SC label.