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Hexygon IQ Miticide - Qt

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Hexygon IQ Miticide - Qt provides effective control of Tetranychid spider mite species that is an emulsion to be mixed with water and applied as a spray (foliar application).
Hexygon IQ controls mites through activity on eggs and immature stages.

Control is achieved from either direct contact with the spray or from contact with treated plant surfaces. Through its ovicidal activity, Hexygon IQ controls newly deposited mite eggs and eggs which are laid after application.

Hexygon IQ is also highly effective in controlling immature motile stages of target mite species that are sprayed or move onto treated surfaces. Adult mites are not directly affected.

Hexygon IQ provides residual control of pest mite species. The degree and duration of control is dependent on the rate used, growth stage of the mite, species of mite, and climatic conditions under which the material is applied.

Application : Nursery, Ornamentals, Trees, Greenhouses, Orchids, Turf(including residential exccept CA)

Mites controlled: Arborvitae Spider Mite, European Red Mite, Honeylocust Spider Mite, Pacific Spider Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Strawberry Spider Mite, Twospotted Spider Mite, Willamette Mite
Banks Grass Mite, Clover Mite, Brown Wheat Mite

  • Active Ingredient : Hexythiazox -- 11.93%

  • Rate : 4 - 8 oz per 100 gallons or 12 - 24 oz per acre