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Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control With Acephate


Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control With Acephate 


Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control may be used in a variety of exterior settings include fields, pastures, recreational, residential and landscaped turf, for excellent control of fire ants. To get the best results, apply the dust around dawn or dusk, because that is when the ants are most active. Since Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control kills pests on contact, any application of the dust made during hot and dry conditions would be useless, since the ants would be deep in their mounds. Do not allow others to enter the area of application until the dust has completely settled. Grass in the treated area can be injured if too much is applied, so follow the directions on the Label closely.


Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control is an insecticide for control of fire ant mounds in certain non-crop areas. The active ingredient in Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control is acephate. A one (1) pound container of Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control can treat up to 108 fire ant mounds, and in most situations you only have to treat once per season.

Insect pests are generally controlled more effectively by Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate through ingestion than by contact. Application of Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate to maintain control should be repeated only as directed.

Not for indoor residential use.

Fire Ants Mound Treatments:

  • Dry Method - Evenly distribute 1 to 2 teaspoons over the mound