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  • Lucid Miticide/ Insecticide (Abamectin) (generic Avid) (Quart)

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    Lucid Miticide/ Insecticide (Abamectin) (generic Avid) (Quart)

    Some key features of Lucid Miticide/Insecticide include:

    • Lucid is a highly effective insecticide used to control mites and leaf miners. It can be used effectively on shadehouse, greenhouse, and field grown ornamentals. It's also a great tool for Christmas tree farms and other woody ornamentals producers.
    • Its unique mode of action makes abamectin (the active ingredient in Lucid) an excellent choice for nursery professionals, Christmas tree and woody ornamental growers.
    • Excellent choice in an insecticide resistance management program.
    • Can be mixed with horticultural spray oils for improved performance on certain species.

    Insects Controlled or Suppressed (but not limited to) include:

    • European Red Mite
    • Two-spotted Spider Mite
    • Carmine Spider Mite
    • Southern Red Mite
    • Spruce Spider Mite
    • Cyclamen & Broad Mites
    • Rust and Bud Mites
    • Boxwood Leafminers
    • Liriomyza Leafminers
    • Aphids
    • Thrips
    • Whiteflies