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Mainspring GNL Insecticide (Cyantraniliprole 18.66%) - (Pint)

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Mainspring GNL Insecticide- (Pint)


Product Overview

Mainspring® GNL insecticide guards greenhouse and nursery crops from key chewing and sucking pests, including thrips, whiteflies, aphids, caterpillars, leafminers, leaf-feeding beetles, soft scales and lacebugs. It offers reliable, extended protection as part of a preventive pest management strategy.

Key Features

  • A neonicotinoid alternative with the novel active ingredient cyantraniliprole, which belongs to a recently added chemistry class (IRAC Group 28) 
  • Controls multiple key pests as a spray or drench while strengthening integrated crop management (ICM) programs 
  • Four-hour REI (restricted-entry interval), no special personal protective equipment required for early entry and registered by the U.S. EPA under its Reduced Risk Program*
  • Provides extended protection through its systemic and translaminar movement to prevent pest populations from building to damaging levels
  • Labeled for use in greenhouses, nurseries and residential and commercial landscapes

Key Benefits

  • Powerful resistance management tool that meets growers’ needs for effective, alternative chemistries
  • Broad-spectrum control that offers application flexibility and compatibility with many biological control agents
  • Short REI is less disruptive to work schedules while offering improved worker safety compared to other registered alternatives
  • Saves time and labor on repeated applications and reduces overall plant damage caused by insect feeding 
  • Convenient, versatile insecticide that can fit into any operation

Active Ingredient : Cyantraniliprole -- 18.66%

Rate : 1 - 16 oz per 100 gallons of water for foliar spray method.