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Medicap FE Systemic Iron Tree Implants for Control of Iron Chlorosis (10 Pack)

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Medicap FE Systemic Iron 3/8 Tree Implants
 Control of Iron Chlorosis
(10 Pack)

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  • Fast green-up for iron deficient trees
  • One treatment lasts 2 to 3 years
  • 10 implants will treat a 14 inch diameter trunk
  • Tools required to treat: tape measure, cordless drill with 3/8 inch bit, hammer and bolt or dowel rod
  • 3/8 Implants
  • Ready to install - no measuring of chemicals

Product description

Medicap FE 3/8" iron systemic implants are useful in all types of trees with iron deficiency, a condition known as chlorosis. Such deficiencies are normally associated with calcareous, arid or sandy soil conditions. Trees most susceptible are oak (pin oak and white oak), black locust, eucalyptus, birch, sweet gum (liquid amber), pine, magnolia, sycamore, dogwood, podocarpus, poplar, catalpa, citrus, peach, pear, apple, avocado and silver maple. One treatment will last for 2 to 3 years. Medicaps are easily installed by tapping the implants with a hammer and bolt or dowel rod into pre-drilled 3/8" diameter holes in the lower tree trunk at 4 to 6 inch spacing. The cartridge head securely plugs the small wound made to the tree trunk and the active layer of cambium will soon grow over and close the implant site. Under normal moisture conditions, the chemical will move throughout the entire tree within 14 to 21 days for quick Greenup. 10 Medicaps will treat a 14 inch diameter tree.