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Orkestra Intrinsic Brand fungicide - (16 Oz)

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Orkestra Intrinsic Brand fungicide - (16 Oz)


Orkestra Intrinsic Brand fungicide - 16 Oz contains two active ingredient fluxapyroxad, Pyraclostrobin that provides effective disease control and plant health benefits, including stronger roots that promote resilience to stress.

Two modes of action perform in unison for protection against top-of-mind diseases like Botrytis spp., rust, powdery mildew, and Thielaviopsis spp.

It provides nursery and greenhouse growers with fast, long-acting disease control during production, resulting in healthier, more consistent, high quality plants.

It provides preventive, early curative, and residual protection against key ornamental diseases, quickly stopping the growth of fungal cells. This premix fungicide also delivers plant health benefits, including greater photosynthetic efficiency and stronger roots that promote resilience to stressors like drought and temperature extremes in the production process.


Rate: 4 - 11 oz. per 100 gallons of water


Active Ingredient : Fluxapyroxad -- 21.26%, Pyraclostrobin -- 21.26%

What is Intrinsic?

Intrinsic is the umbrella brand for all products (current and future) that are labeled for disease control and plant health. The first initiative under the Intrinsic brand is based on the active ingredient pyraclostrobin. In the future, the Intrinsic brand of products will expand to include formulation enhancers and formulation technology.

What is Plant Health?

Intrinsic brand fungicides improve plant health, not just through superior, broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases, but also through improved tolerance to stress and increased efficiency of plant processes. This enables plants to better withstand disease and a multitude of environmental stresses, resulting in improved turf and plant quality.

Intrinsic brand fungicides improve plant health through inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in both fungal diseases and plants. In fungi, inhibition of mitochondrial respiration prevents the breakdown of carbon required for production of energy to fuel fungal growth. This results in death of the fungi and is the disease control benefit.