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Piccolo 10 XC Plant Growth Regulator - (Quart & Gallon)

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Piccolo 10 XC Plant Growth Regulator - (Quart & Gallon)

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Piccolo 10XC PGR offers control of height and radius across a wide range of ornamental crops. Piccolo 10XC PGR enhances the quality of bedding plants, flowering and foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials, and woody ornamentals, making them easier to market and more profitable to produce. Piccolo 10XC PGR has given excellent results with leading growers and has been proven in extensive university research trials.

One quart of Piccolo 10 XC equals 2.5 gallons of standard Piccolo formulation or bonzi, making storage, handling and mixing more convenient than ever.

University greenhouse trials on bedding plants have shown similar efficacies with Piccolo 10 XC, Piccolo and Bonzi. As with older paclobutrazol formulations, Piccolo 10 XC can be used as either a drench or spray to produce more compact and marketable plants. Piccolo 10 XC will continue to be evaluated on other plant species.

  • A crystal-clear, water-soluble solution that never settles out in the bottle or spray tank
  • No need to shake the bottle before mixing
  • More consistent performance with "laser-like" height control from one plant to the next
  • The first and only 4% paclobutrazol formulation, with 1 qt. of Piccolo 10 XC doing the work of 2.5 gallons of Piccolo or Bonzi
  • Fewer containers for easier storage and handling and a lower carbon footprint

Active Ingredients: Paclobutrazol -- 4.0%