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Procure 480 SC Fungicide - 1 Quart

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Procure 480SC Fungicide 1 Quart

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Procure 480SC is an imidazole-based fungicide for powdery mildew control that is approved for applications on apples, cherries (sweet and tart), cucurbits, grapes, pears, and strawberries. Other target diseases controlled include scab and cedar-apple rust in apples, pear scab, leaf spot and blossom blight/fruit rot in cherries, Eastern filbert blight in filberts/hazelnuts, and butt rot in pineapples.

Procure 480SC Features and Benefits:

Procure 480SC has protective and eradication properties, translaminar and vapor activities, weather-fastness, utility in fungicide resistance management strategies, compatibility in an IPM or disease management program, crop safety, and excellent environmental and worker safety characteristics.

Procure 480SC is a water-based formulation that mixes easily and can be applied through conventional spray equipment that is very compatible with most tank mix partners without any dust issues. The label carries a user-friendly "Caution" signal word and a 12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI). Minimal personal protective equipment is required and use does not require Notice of Intent (NOI).

Procure 480SC does not contain oil or solvents and has not been especially formulated to improve foliar coverage and reduce visible residues on the crop. In addition, the new liquid formulation is not abrasive to field equipment and will not clog strainers and screens of the spray equipment.

Procure 480SC has not been shown to cause adverse plant growth regulating (PGR) activity. This allows it to be used at any time during crop development from first signs of new growth, through bloom and throughout fruit/nut development, without concern about fruit/nut size and shape, or possible carry-over effects on flowering and fruit/nut development.

Always read and follow label directions when using this product.