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  • Pylon Miticide Insecticide (Pint)

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    Pylon Miticide Insecticide


    The Pylon Miticide Insecticide is an economical, broad spectrum product that offers superior management over key greenhouse pests. The advanced formula targets caterpillars, western flower, chilli thrips, fungus gnats, variety of mite species, and more. Pylon works by means of meddling with energy production of pests. It uncouples oxidative phosphorylation, preventing conversion of ADP to ATP, which results to the death of mite or insect from the inability to generate its own energy. Application must be done prior to blooming of plants. Pylon gives 14 to 21 days of control relying upon the pest and their population pressure.

    For Commercial Greenhouses only.

    Active Ingredient: Chlorfenapyr - 21.4%

    For use in: Commercial Greenhouses Only: Ornamental Plants, Shrubs & Trees; and Fruiting Vegetables
    * See label for complete list

    Application: 2.6 to 5.2 oz. per 100 gallons (Apply in the Coolest Times of Day)
    * See label for complete application instructions

    General Information

    Pests Controlled

    • Caterpillars
    • Fungus gnats
    • Broad mite
    • Citrus budmite
    • Cyclamen mite
    • Rust mite
    • Spider mites
    • Foliar nematodes
    • Western flower thrips
    • Chilli thrips
    (See label for complete list)

    Keys to Success

    To minimize risk of injury to plants, make applications prior to blooming or avoid blooms whenever possible. Apply in the coolest times of day and refer to the Pylon label to evaluate crop safety on any plants you may be treating.

    Pylon is not ovicidal and so should be used in rotation with a registered ovicidal product specific for the pest when moderate to high populations of eggs are present. Applications should be made to the immature stages of insects and mites.

    When target insect populations are high and potential for multiple generations exist, make a Pylon application at the high rate, then make a sequential application 5 to 7 days later. Make only one sequential application at the 5- to 7-day interval when necessary. See the label for additional instructions regarding resistance management.

    Product Attributes

    • Provides 14 to 21 days of control depending on the pest and pest population pressure
    • Exceptional control of thrips, including Western flower and chilli thrips
    • Rainfast in 60 minutes
    • Broad-spectrum control of nymph and adult stages of mites
    • Only registered product for foliar nematodes in greenhouses
    • Mortality of most pests within 72 hours, except foliar nematodes
    • Excellent translaminar activity