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Pyrethrum TR Micro, Total Release Fogger Insecticide, Whitmire - BASF - (12 x 2 oz.)

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Pyrethrum TR , Total Fogger Insecticide Whitmire BASF
(12 x 2 oz.Each)


Pyrethrum Foggers - Pyrethrum Tr 2 Oz (12 Count) Prescription Treatment Micro Total Release Insecticide Aerosol Fogger Aphids, Fungus Gnats And Whiteflies Killer Bomb Whitefly Mites Pest Control

Pyrethrum Micro Total Release Insecticide is a ready-to-use, ultra low volume broad spectrum insecticide fogger that controls a wide variety of greenhouse insects. Labeled for use in greenhouses on ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs. It effectively controls aphids, fungus gnats, mites and whiteflies, along with numerous other secondary insect pests. This Total Release pyrethrum bomb will destroy those pesky insect problems by completely fogging your entire grow room. Read directions carefully and follow all safety precautions. This compact 2 oz size Pyrethrum fogger will cover 1,500-3,000 square foot area. Pyrethrum TR is used as an early rotational insecticide. Pyrethrum TR provides a 12 hour REI (reentry interval) and a quick start to REI clock...just 10 minutes after application. 2 oz aerosol can.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 oz. Containers
  • Active ingredient: Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide Use rates: 1 - 2 oz. per 3000 sq. ft. (See Label)
  • Labeled crops: For use on Greenhouses on ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs.