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  • Sanmite Miticide / Insecticide (4 X 1 OZ. )

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    Sanmite Miticide / Insecticide (4 X 1 OZ. )

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    Sanmite Miticide Insecticide is a wettable powder for commercial use that’s very effective in controlling mites and whiteflies on flowers, ornamental plants, and foliage crops. It uses Pyridaben as its active ingredient that helps prevent and control plant-feeding mites and other insects. It works primarily through contact action and it guarantees to provide a quick knockdown and residual control.


    SANMITE Miticide Insecticide is intended for control of mites and whiteflies on ornamental plants, flowers, and foliage crops. SANMITE provides excellent knockdown and residual control. A good evaluation of performance can generally be made 4 - 7 days after treatment.

    Crop Tolerance

    All crops listed in Table 2 on the label. Plant Species Tested for Tolerance to SANMITE are tolerant to SANMITE.

    Mode of Action

    SANMITE works primarily through contact action. Treat plants when pests are immature or at a susceptible stage and populations are building, before crop damage occurs.

    Resistance Management

    Using SANMITE in successive miticide applications is not recommended. Use SANMITE as part of a sound resistance management program that includes rotation with other treatments having different modes of action.

    Spray Coverage

    Apply SANMITE in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of foliage. Thorough coverage is required for optimum control. To achieve adequate coverage, use proper spray pressure, nozzles, nozzle spacing, and volume per acre. Consult spray nozzle and accessory guide for information pertaining to proper equipment calibration.

    Cleaning Spray Equipment

    Clean spray equipment thoroughly using a strong detergent or commercial sprayer cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions before and after applying this product.

    FREE SHIPPING UNITED STATES ONLY.  Contact us for International Shipping rates.