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Shuttle O Miticide - 1 Pint Bottle

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Shuttle O Miticide  (1- Pint)

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Shuttle O miticide is the first product from the napthoquinone derivative class of chemistry. Shuttle O is an excellent choice as a rotational tool for control of two-spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites and other mites.....All life stages of Two Spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, Citrus spider mite, European Red mite, Pacific Spider mite, Willamette Spider mite and more......SHUTTLE O may be used on ornamentals grown in greenhouses, container and field nurseries, lath and shade houses, arboretums, and interiorscapes......Shuttle O should not be mixed with strongly alkaline or acidic compounds. Do not combine Shuttle O with Aliette WDG.

Free Shipping in United States Only