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Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide (3 oz.) (Case of 12)

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Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide (3 oz.)
(Case of 12)

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Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide is the first fungicide of BASF to deliver active ingredients by using total release (TR) technology. Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide contains the active ingredient, triticonazole, that is easy and ready to use and comes in small canisters. It provides widespread control of plant diseases including cylindrocladium, powdery mildew, botrytis, rhizoctonia and fusarium. It is for the use in closed commercial greenhouses on flowering hanging baskets, potted flowering plants and ornamentals, bedding plants, cut flowers, foliage and perennials. Growers will have the ease of use by just placing the product in the greenhouse, closing the vents, doors and windows and pressing the release button and leaving it for a specific time. Three ounces of Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide is able to treat 3,000 square footage of a commercial greenhouse. Growers will save time and money by eliminating water cost, mixing, having accurate product distribution, and avoiding costs of large fogging equipment.

Commercial Greenhouses only

Active Ingredient: Triticonazole -10.5%

For use in: Closed Commercial Greenhouses Only

Application: 1 - 2 cans per 3000 sq. ft.
* Cans must be stored at room temperature ( >65 degrees F) 24 hours before use
* Allow 12 hours before re entering treated area
Early entry is permitted after 4 hours to perform short term activities such as ventilation procedures as long as PPE is worn
* Can ventilate the area after 4 hours using fans, mechanical ventilating systems, or by vents, windows or other passive ventilation
* With no ventilation, allow 12 hours


Pre Application: Elevate the container so that the top of can is above plant canopy and clear a 6 ft area around the can. Shut off all exhaust fans and close all windows, doors and vents. Apply when foliage is dry and temperate is between 60 degrees F to 80 degrees F. Crop injury may occur if temperature is not between these ranges.

When using to control Cercospora or Fusarium, apply 2 cans per 3,000 ft, otherwise use 1 can per 3,000 ft for other diseases. Applications after initial can be made at 7 day intervals. Rotate to a different class of fungicide to maintain good resistance management. Apply up to 3 times per crop except for pansies. For pansies, apply only 2 times. Not recommended to apply more than 2 times a week.

Can Activation: Start with can farthest away from exit door. Tilt can away from face and press tab down and lock it. Aim spray from face and set fogger in treatment area and leave the treatment area immediately and close door. The entire contents will release automatically.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Must wear long sleeve shirt, long pants with socks and shoes.

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