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TriStar 8.5 SL Insecticide - Quart

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TriStar 8.5 SL Insecticide

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  • Active Ingredient: Acetamiprid - 8.5%
  • The longest lasting foliar spray residual on the market today. Has all your spraying applications
  • For use in For use on ornamental and flowering plants grown outdoors and in greenhouses, shadehouses and lathhouses. See label for complete list.
  • See product label for a complete list: Adelgids, Aphid, Beetles, Caterpillars, Crane Fly Larvae

Product Description

TriStar 8.5 SL is the longest lasting residual foliar spray available controlling insects for 4 to 6 weeks. TriStar 8.5 SL has mulitple ways to work on contact, systemically, and through translaminar activity to control a wide variety of insects including aphids, leaf-eating beetles (Japanese beetle), caterpillars, leaf miners, scales (soft and hard), mealy bugs, whiteflies, and thrips. The EPA has classified TriStar 8.5 SL as a reduced risk insecticide providing for greater worker safety with a 12 hour re-entry interval for greenhouses and nurseries; and re-entry into commercial or residential areas when the application has dried. TriStar 8.5 SL also works well with miticides and fungicides. Supplemental labeling for use on greenhouse grown tomatoes.

Always Fresh New Product
Always Free Shipping United States Only